FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. Can I have more than one skill as a service provider (sp) on wasem.ng?
  • Ans. Every registered service provider (sp) can have as many skills as possible on wasem.ng.
  • Q. Do I need to pay an amount to be registered on wasem.ng?
  • Ans. Your account registration on wasem.ng is completely free.
  • Q. Can I be both a service provider (sp) and Client (ss) on wasem.ng?
  • Ans. Yes, you can, you only need to open different accounts for the service provider (sp) and Client (ss)
  • Q. Am I paid by the Client (ss) immediately after am successfully hired?
  • Ans. No, payment is only made when the job is successfully completed and confirmed by both the service provider (sp) and the Client (ss). This payment can only be made by wasem.ng to the service provider (sp). In an event where the service provider (sp) confirms a job done and the Client (ss) does not confirm within a period of 5, such payments will be made to the service provider (sp).
  • Note: Any Client who is found making payments on another platform except wasem.ng will get a life barn on Aiki.ng
  • Q. Must I have a referee to be hired on wasem.ng?
  • Ans. No, a referee only increases your chances of getting hired because Clients tend to hire service providers with verified referees.
  • Q. Can I work with one or more persons for a Client (ss)?
  • Ans. Absolutely yes, wasem.ng allows you to create team members that you can work with to complete a job.
  • Q. Can I accept jobs from any location irrespective of my location on wasem.ng?
  • Ans. wasem.ng allows you to set locations where you can work upon registration and you can only work at such locations.
  • Q. What do I do if am not satisfied with a service provider (sp)?
  • Ans. You can always report to wasem.ng about your dissatisfaction on the work that has been done by a service provider (sp). To report a Service Provider;
  1. Logon to www.wasem.ng.
  2. Click on ‘My Current Orders’.
  3. Go to the order section and click ‘Reports’.
  4. Enter your report and click ‘Send’.
    • Q. What do I look out for in a trust worthy service provider (sp) before hiring?
    • Ans: Note that wasem.ng verifies all service providers (sp) before allowing them to be hired, but look out for a handyman whose referees have been verified as well, customer reviews, number of orders completed.