My First Freelancing Job

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My First Freelancing Job

I have always desired some other streams of income, through which I could pay off some of my bills especially in my country Nigeria where prices of things generally rise without control. Undefined Inflation simply applies from any seller at will and is immediately adopted by other nearby traders. I spent a lot of time trying to get something online but it's usually frustrating to have been at the tip of one only to discover, I wasn't eligible. Why? For citizenship's sake. I often saw "for United States Residents". Some other times, other professional reasons.

Fortunately,I have a brother who is more into the online stuff than I, he got me introduced to the platform. And trust me it's just an answered prayer.

My first job here was to write "a 60-second radio script" An advert meant to promote the company. I made a bid explaining how I was going to deliver a concise irresistible advert, there were a few other bids already.Later I got a mail that the order has been placed and I had to log in to accept it which I did.

The job suddenly seemed an unachievable one; perhaps I was simply being nervous not wanting to fail anyways. But I did the job. I used a split app to do my voicing after carefully writing down my points.

Wow!My dream came true at last, I delivered the task. It was a clean recording, no background noise and of course intriguing and highly captivating. The job was well appreciated. I thought I was going to hold on for a while before getting paid, amazingly, it was not so. I got paid at once. I got done with the job in less than a day so I got my money immediately.

I was impressed, it has been all successful stories since then, you only need to bid a job you will deliver well and get it done. Professional certificates are not necessary as the platform posts all sorts of jobs ranging from Software Programming to Content Writing down to cleaning jobs. Your cash lies at the delivery end.

This is working, I have bid a job and been awarded and its currently in progress
by iBook

Just works as written. It's a very good platform. Genuine and stress free.
by P.Udoka

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