Making the most of COVID -19 pandemic

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The current state of the world as a result of the global covid-19 pandemic, is no longer news. The attention and resources of the government of every nation lately has been focused on ensuring the virus is either prevented from getting through their borders or curbed to prevent the further spread within their country. Collectively, world leaders in synergy with the World Health Organization (W.H.O) are working tirelessly all-round the clock to see that the virus is contained once and for all.

Given the severity of the present situation, it is not a surprise that the governments of different nations including Nigeria has either enforced or advised a lock down of business, making their citizens remain indoors. In as much as this strategy is to benefit all especially those that do not have the virus, there are certain other realities that must be dealt with.

- Hunger: Virus or no virus people must eat if they would survive

- Finance: Money is needed to solve so many challenges

The question now becomes how can one marry these necessities while maintaining the indoor rule so as to stay protected and also not be found wanting by the armed forces the government use in enforcing their strategy?

The best response to the question above is working remotely. Unlike the traditional way of rendering services, you do not have to be with whosoever you are offering a service to; as you can work even from your home. What better means can you think of to help you maintain the advised social distance, stay at home rule and yet grow your finances? One thing that must be reckoned with is that the covid-19 phase will definitely pass away sooner or later. At that point do you intend starting again with your finances or growing higher with what you have been able to build-up during the virus era?

You may not be aware but there are service seekers that are currently in need of your services online. Rather than being idle through the period, why not cease the opportunity to get busy and even make more money. The digital markets are currently the biggest markets in the world today and one benefit that you can enjoy from being a part of it is that it does not have to be shutdown because of the occurrence prevalent in the physical world. Utilize your skill today in the online service place and get paid for it.

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