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Taking care of your needs as a student is not always easy, but if you have a skill all you need to do from now on is to learn how to manage your time because we have clients waiting to hire you. You will be making some good money and as a result you can live a comfortable student life.

Also, we find ourselves in a society where white collar jobs are hard to come by even for the qualified. And so many people have resorted to acquiring skills that do not necessarily require formal education. This has increased the number of entrepreneurs and service providers among students in universities and even secondary schools.

Many of such students desire to find jobs they can do within a short period of time, get paid and return to their studies. Few questions to ask; are these kinds of jobs available? Yes, is it easy finding such jobs? Yes.

Now the next question on your mind would be how or where?

Not until now, finding a pool of jobs where service providers like you will bid for jobs and get hired by clients was not exactly easy. All thanks to I.C.T. so many things have been made easy. is an online market place for services where you can sign up, complete you profile as a service provider and expect to be hired or bid for jobs you can do in a short time. As a student they are a number of ways you can make money on

  • When you sign up on as a service provider, service seekers visiting the platform can see you and request to hire you. With quick response to chats and your ability to convince your prospective client that you’re the right people for the job, you’re sure to be hired.

  • As a service provider you can always search the posted jobs, find one or more you can do, bid for the job(s) and get hired by the service seeker.

  • allows you to add team members to all your locations, your team members will work with you on your orders.Since you cannot be everywhere at all times, and may not be available for an urgent job sometimes, the best option that allows you to always have an opportunity to do every job you get is to add team members within and outside your current location, outsource jobs you are unavailable for to them and get a percentage from the payment that would be made based on your agreement with your team members.

So many other skilled service providers may not have a smart phone, may not be able to communicate clearly via English language or may be unable to use mobile devices efficiently. You can find such service providers, sell the idea to them, get them signed up, complete their profile and generally manage their account.

For this kind of service you will have to bid for jobs for the service providers, alert them when they are hired, communicate the details of the order to them, monitor the job to be sure it is done according to the client’s specification, confirm order completion when the order is completed and get paid. What you get depends on your agreement with the service provider.

Interestingly, I have successfully completed a good number of orders on already and now I can only wish I had this opportunity while I was in school. Fair enough, you have now as a student to help you live a more comfortable and stable student life, so sign up now and thank me later.

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Wasem a very lucrative site that bring out ability in student and create a side hustle as well Kudos to this great site
by Muna

Wasem is a very lucrative site to burst the ability and provide a side hustle for student Kudos!! To this site
by Muna

Well written thanks
by Kb

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